Street Legal Golf Car (LSV)

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Called the Street Car™, our customers often use a street legal golf car for short trips to the store, around the neighborhood, and around town. The Street Car™ must be licensed, registered and inspected in order to be used on public roads in North Carolina. Most other states have a provision for low speed vehicles. The most frequent application for the street legal golf car has been in beach communities where they are used to transport families and beach paraphernalia to and from inland cottages to beach accesses. Many senior citizens also use our Street Car™ for outdoor mobility, to do yard work and to run errands.

 Golf Carts to Street Cars™



 Street Car™ DS-1

The DS-1 is our lowest price street legal golf car and specifically designed to provide economical transportation for a low price. Only the basic street legal accessories are added to car to keep the cost affordable but still provide the owner with a Street Legal Golf Car.

This DS-1 is very affordable at just $4,995.00



  Street Car™ DS-1X

A DS-1X has an added extended top and flip-out back seat with upgraded batteries. These are available for all models and may be installed upon request. The DS-1X allows for significant upgrades but available at a lower cost. A variety of colors are available for a small upcharge.

 The upgrades on this DS-1X make it $5,595.00



Street Car™ DS-2

The DS-2 comes in a range of colors, and includes the extended top, flip-out back seat, 10” DOT approved tires with aluminum wheels, and upgraded battery pack, all as standard equipment. 

The DS-2 with standards options is only $6,395.00




 Street Car™ DS-2X

This DS-2X has some very popular accessories added. The custom dash, with AM/FM CD player, custom key switch, and voltage meter display make this the perfect family vehicle for longer trips. 


This sporty vehicle is only $6,895.00



 Street Car™ Woody

The Woody is a classic, designed to have all the look and feel of the 50’s. Standard features include the custom dash, AM/FM CD player, custom key switch, voltage meter display, under seat storage tray, custom steering wheel, floor mat, upgraded battery set and of course the Woody kit.

This graceful little car with everything is only $7,395.00




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